Firestorm Fashionistas in a Dance of Power?

Libertie Meg

Libertie & Meg at Big Love Fest

I checked out the Big Love Fest on May 1st hoping to find some creative fashion action but it was pretty dead on that front, at least, when I was there. So I was quite happy to encounter the two most fashionable members of the Firestorm Cafe & Books collective.

Libertie Meg

A Quick Readjustment

They had a rather playful, jostling moment which an old school analyst might have reduced to a simple power struggle and drained all of the life out of the moment, as happens far too often in left/anarchist political settings. But they seem more like friendly siblings at play in these pics.

Libertie Meg

Libertie & Meg

I actually rearranged the order to try to create a modest sense of that play. Hope I haven't taken unfair editorial advantage of Libertie and Meg.

Hmmm, that suggests another power dynamic but, since I rule Asheville Fashions, we'll leave it at that!