Boycott Urban Outfitters for Ripping Off Indie Designers

I heart New York

I heart New York by Stevie K

The latest account of Urban Outfitters’ ripoff of indie artists alerted me to the fact that there’s a long history of such ripoffs by Urban Outfitters. It’s really sad when what appears to be a relatively innovative chain does it off the backs of independents.

Amber Karnes shares her role in the social media exposure of Urban Outfitters blatant ripoff of Chicago indie jewelry designer Stevie K of Truche – Handmade Accessories & Creations. The above I heart New York piece, one of a series of such works, was blatantly ripped off and displayed on Urban Outfitters’ website as Stevie K revealed on her Tumblr blog.

Web response was powerful and the piece was removed relatively quickly from Urban Outfitters’ site but it’s simply another chapter in an ongoing series of ripoffs:

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Urban Outfitters doesn’t deserve the support of Asheville shoppers and as one of the few chain stores in downtown Asheville should be the subject of boycott at the very least.